Club Network Journal

Club Network Journal brings you updates from the Seed Club Network, an ever-growing ecosystem of the greatest web3 projects from the Accelerator. Network Journal is published every other week on Tuesdays.

We're back with a new season of the Seed Club pod, now called Building At The Edges. In episode 1, Jess Sloss chats all things Poolsuite with founder…
Communities express and communicate culture through practice; at Seed Club, the Accelerator is our practice. Here are a few things we want our builders…
Welcome Seed Club's 5th Accelerator Cohort!
Apply to contribute insight to the leading network for DAO builders & operators.
As we step into SC05, we’ve thought meaningfully about how we’ll design this next adventure together. Big changes are coming to the Accelerator.
The Accelerator application review process is changing, and we're stoked to tell you how. Applications open Monday, August 1!
"We believe that we’re going to use blockchain technology to radically reinvent apparel in a way that’s better for people and planet." - Early Majority…
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